hollywood | FAQ

Are you a professional model or actress?

I am a model and actress, though not professional. I am still learning and developing my craft. There is always room for improvement.

Are you signed to an agency?

Yes. I am signed to the same agency Taylor Lautner began his career with before he moved to Los Angeles. In November 2013, another agency asked to represent me nationally.

What has been your biggest accomplishment?

Before my signing, my biggest accomplishment was the Dare to First commercial for my alma mater. The project was not something I was interested in. Honestly, I did not think the branding would take off like it has. In any event, the Office of Communications & Marketing asked me to audition; and the commercial aired that fall.

What is your goal?

Everyone thinks I’m trying to be the next Halle Berry or that I should have landed a leading role already. I’ve only been signed for five months. What celebrity became famous over night? My only goal is to land a campaign gig; for example, I would love to be a spokesmodel for Neutrogena or Crest. I loved doing promotional work for my alma mater; and it would be amazing to continue doing it.

Why don’t you ever name your representation?

I don’t feel the need to mainly because most people only recognize a few agencies by name anyway (i.e. Ford, Elite, IMG) and my agency isn’t any of them.

Do you plan to move to Los Angeles?

I would love to move to L.A. If the opportunity comes about, yes I will move.

What have you learned thus far?

I made the mistake of sharing my accomplishment in a Facebook status. Immediately people were excited and congratulating me. Two days later, the same people started harping me about what was going on, how I landed the audition, and how I got signed. The same people started speculating and declaring that my agency was a scam and that I should be in Los Angeles already. I’m not even famous and I can already relate to what some celebrities eluded to in their claim to fame. In all of this, I’ve learned the definition of a what a true friend really means.

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